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Mxhub popular value 4 money
For $8.95/mo - 1500MB WebSpace, 60GB Bandwidth, FREE Setup, Unlimited E-mail Accounts, PHP, Perl, MySQL, CGI, Webmail, WebStats, FrontPage, Spam Protection, Shopping Cart, Website Builder & 24/7 Technical Support!


Mxhub is a certified winner of the
Top 10 Web Hosting Deal Gold Award™ 2004.

Company Details
Company: Mxhub Web Hosting
Website: http://www.mxhub.com
Email: support(at)mxhub.com
Uptime (>99.0%)
Technical Support
Customer Service
Features Offered
Featured Web Hosting Deal:
Monthly fee: $4
Setup: Free
Diskspace: 350MB
Bandwidth: 15GB
POP Email: Unlimited
Web Hosting Features Included:
Control Panel
Password Directories
Multimedia Streaming
Email Forwarders
FrontPage Support
Multiple Domains
Web Statistics
Money-back Guarantee
SSL Support
What Web Hosting Deal's Editor had to say:
There is no doubt why Mxhub has our highest marks. Uptime had been excellent for us at mxhub. Support had been always very fast and ticket are answer timely by mxhub technician. Throughout our experiences with the company, we had always been impressed by their dedicated to our satisfaction. If you are trying to seek for a web host that offers a lot of good stuff for a low cost, you do not need to look further. Mxhub is the answer.
Our Ratings: 95% Score: A+
Past Customers Experieces:
I would highly recommend the services of Mxhub.com - Review by Phillip Sebree submitted on April 25, 2004

Overall Ratings:
10 out of 10

I have been a customer of Mxhub.com for almost 2 years. I have maintained websites for almost 4 years some of the site I do are for other small businesses in the Indianapolis ,Indiana area. Since moving these sites to Mxhub not once have I had one complaint about any website being down or unaccessable. You don't need any software to develop your site either, its all supplied by Mxhub and is pretty easy to figure out how to use it. Just look at my site , www.phppoint.com in a 2 year period it has been online 99.9 percent of the time. Other sites that I have on Mxhub servers such as www.seosmart.com also have maintained this same high rate of online presence. I can not think of one single reason to change hosting providers. Infact I think it would be flawed reasoning on my part if I were to even try another web hosting service. I appreciate the speedy reponse time if I encounter any troubles while developing my sites. Also I appreciate the fact that their support staff always lets me know what was happening and when they have corrected the situation, so I can finish my work. For the cost, and for the support I don't believe there is a better deal to be found on the internet if you are considering a web host. I would highly recommend the services of Mxhub.com to anyone who is considering a website, it doesn't matter how large or small your operation is you too can get the same benefit that we have.

Thank you for your time.

GREAT!! - Review by Mary Tethers submitted on April 13, 2004

Overall Ratings:
9 out of 10

I have had a great experience with Mxhub’s web hosting. The sign up process was incredibly fast and easy. Their customer support has always been there for me even during the time I was first setting up my account and I had menial questions to ask. The 1500MB of space was more than enough for me to achieve many of my files. I like the security of having a backup of my file on the web so just incase my hard drive goes haywire I can still retrieve my info. So far I have been using Mxhub for 4 months and I have had nothing but excellent service. (My old host went down atleast once a week.)
I like my service have great uptime - Review by Jack Stering submitted on March 22, 2004

Overall Ratings:
10 out of 10

My site has been up according to my monitoring service, the tech support staff is not helpful but administrators are very helpful if you are lucky enough to get one online. Mxhub has always been up for me. Ever since I've been their customer from August of 2001, They have never gone down more than once. Mxhub is not only a reliable host , but their rates and the features they provide easily top those of competitors


GOT STARTED RIGHT AWAY!! - Review by Dan Dickens submitted on Jan 23, 2004

Overall Ratings:
9 out of 10

Once I signed up for an Mxhub account, I was up and running in a few hours. With 1500MB of space, I was able to achieve many of my files. Its nice to have a backup of my pc on the web, so if my hard drive dies, I can be ensured that I still can retrieve the info. I had my website with them for 4 months so far and it
hasn't gone down once yet. This is good considering that my old host always went down at least twice every month.
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