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Lunarpages value 4 money
Unix hosting w/ 800 MB Space and 40 GB Traffic for $7.95. Strong focus on customer support. Excellent toll-free support. ASP & JSP are extra $1 and $2 per month respectively.


Lunarpages is a certified winner of the
Top 10 Web Hosting Deal Gold Award™ 2004.

Company Details
Company: Lunarpages Web Hosting
Website: http://www.lunarpages.com
Email: support(at)lunarpages.com
Uptime (>99.0%)
Technical Support
Customer Service
Features Offered
Featured Web Hosting Deal:
Monthly fee: $7.95
Setup: Free
Diskspace: 800MB
Bandwidth: 40GB
POP Email: Unlimited
Web Hosting Features Included:
Control Panel
Password Directories
Multimedia Streaming
Email Forwarders
FrontPage Support
Multiple Domains
Web Statistics
Money-back Guarantee
SSL Support
What Web Hosting Deal's Editor had to say:
Lunarpages is definitely a choice of web hosting for many users. Not only does it score tops with best features for the price, but it is also great because you can call toll-free when you are in need of assistance. Other companies offering plans this low normally require that you e-mail them for support inquires, and even if they did provide support over the phone, there would be long distance charges. Give Lunarpages a shot and you will not regret it.
Our Ratings: 90% Score: A-
Past Customers Experieces:
Lunarpages Gets a Go For Launch! - Review by garthsweet submitted on April 12, 2004
Overall Ratings: 10 out of 10

I signed up for Lunarpages Hosting and have been really impressed with them.

Another epinion patron really hammered their tech support but so far I've made 7 support calls and all were resolved promptly (under 4 hrs to respond and full resolution in less the 24hrs). Lunarpages also has a 'chat with a support tech' feature that I've used several times (in addition to the 7 real support calls) and for simple things or emergencies it worked really well for me. My only complaint about the chat was that usually after I typed a message the support person would not type a message back until ~60 seconds later which always made me wonder if they received my message.

I love the control panel, for a newbie to hosting like me it's great. I can quickly and easily see what I'm doing and manage my site.

I did try to setup some FTP accounts and found a couple of problems.
1) You cannot put any upload size restrictions on anonymous FTP which leaves me exposed to someone exceeding my disk allowance anonymously.
2) I can only setup 5 users for restricted FTP access (this is currently not a problem but is a severe limit).

We plan to host 2 more web sites there for our other businesses!

Excellent! - Review by Dan submitted on March 5, 2004
Overall Ratings: 9 out of 10

I had previously had three sites with another company whose primary effort these days seems to be buying every other hosting company that looks their way. Slow response times, down sites and almost constant "router problems."

I have switched these three sites to Lunarpages and they have been GREAT. Quick access, easy setup and quite a value for their price.

I would recommend Lunarpages to those looking for a good HSP.


Access and ASP services - Review by richard williams submitted on January 4, 2004
Overall Ratings: 8 out of 10

I have tried to get these features activated since the beginning of 2003 without success. Their Help Desk even suggests remedies (e.g., moving my site to ASP-ennabled servers) that they have already done in the past without success. So they not only cannot help me but they don't even remember what they themselves have done.

Apparently, Lunarpages either cannot really accept Access-fed ASP pages or it has an arcane folder structure that FrontPage does not recognize.

It would really be nice if their technicians understood enough it to be of any help, btu their Help Desk system and folks seem designed to hold you at bay and give minimal or evasive answers.

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