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How to make your web host search easy...

By Jerry Roo

More people than ever are realising the importance of good hosting for their site as it grows. Whether it's your hobby or your business, you want to be sure your site's speedy and always available. With a web host search, you'll find there's a hosting solution to suite everyone, and the good news is that you get more for your money today than ever before.

The UK Web hosting market has come along way in the past year. You can do a web host search and find many. Faced with growing demand (millions performing a web host search) from the public for more sophisticated solutions to their Web site needs, hosting companies have had to get creative. The good news is that us folk with sites win. Just do a web host search on google and you'll see there's more to be had for your money than ever, whatever level of hosting you're considering.

Our web host search has revealed four main hosting areas, traditional hosting on a shared server, free Web space dedicated server hosting, and rolling up your sleeves and doing it yourself. Each solution suits different sites so you need to consider what your site needs now and how it's going to change over the next year before you perform a web host search.

When you perform a web host search, don't restrict your site's potential by making a rash decision. If you have a commercial site, consider whether you want it just to be a bit of corporate brochureware, or if you want it to have full e-commerce capabilities. Your personal site might just be a few photos now, but what if your want to add interactivity or get a domain name of your own? You don't want your web host search to lead you to a Web host that can't grow with you.

Choosing well will ensure you get the support you need letting you rest easy in the knowledge that your site is in safe hands. The benefits of good hosting are clear -- your site is always there, access to it is speedy and consistent, your data is safe, and your site always looks its best for visitors. You, meanwhile, should be getting value for money excellent customer care and plenty of Web space to play around with.

The hosting market is maturing, and it's no longer unusual for first-times site builders to need a service that can cope with CGI scripts (essential if you're planning to dabble in e-commerce). There's also a noticeable trend for SMEs with simple hosting to upgrade to their own dedicated server as their sites become more important to their business. There's also an upper band who are shifting away from hosting companies altogether and bringing the business in-house. It's less difficult than you might think.



Changing hosts is a tricky business, but it shouldn't be that way. It's getting easier and it's still better to vote with your feet and take the consequences in the short-term than sit tight with a poor service and watch your site suffer.

Take a look through the ads in this magazine, and you'll realise that there are hundreds of hosts to choose from in the UK. It's a thriving industry that could leach UK ISPs a thing or two. Don't be afraid to consider overseas hosting companies, but chances are you'll find what you need here at home. It'll also save on your phone bill if things do go wrong.

About the Author: Jerry Roo is a freelance programmer working in Canada.




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